Cultivate Kids

Cultivate: The Com Church Children's Ministry

Cultivate means: to prepare to promote or improve the growth of,  to develop or improve by education to promote the growth or development of.

Mission Statement: To nurture the children of Com Church as they GROW in the fullness of the knowledge of Christ and grow up into the people God wants them to be.

That they will understand the love of the Father and the truth of His Word, the commission and closeness of Christ, and the gifts and the fruit of the Spirit. Help them GROW: Keeping these as the four main purposes of everything we do.

G – Gain understanding (Discipleship)

R – Report the good news (Evangelism)

O – Offer help to others (Ministry/Serving)

W – Worship God (Worship)

Junior Com Church - Growing the next generation! There are several different age groups in our CULTIVATE Junior Church, they are organised into school year groups: -

  • Creche: Babies - 3 1/2 years
  • Sunbeams: 3 1/2 years - Reception
  • Junior Church: School Yr 1 - Yr 2 - School Yr 3 - Yr 4 - School Yr 5 - Yr 6

We have a page dedicated to parents to see what the lesson of the week was for our Junior Church - Click Here

This is a time for the children of the church to get biblical teaching in a fun, age-appropriate way. Through fun learning and activities, we want to see the children of the church today to grow into the adults of the church of tomorrow. Cultivate: Junior Church is held on a Sunday morning.

All CULTIVATE workers are volunteers and also members of Com Church.

They have all been DBS checked by the Church. (For more information on our Child Protection Policy please Click Here or on the 'safeguarding' page of the website).