A Big Thank You!

A Big Thank You!

Compassion Projects has been established by the owners of Dunstable Conference Centre, the old 1930s Union Cinema on the high street of Dunstable, to make our 1,000 seat venue available to charity initiatives from around our local community.

It’s with great excitement that we would like to thank The National Lottery Community Fund (formerly Awards for All), for making available £10,000 as a grant for projection equipment, to reinstate the large screen look of the cinema for local groups and community outreach projects.

Already Dunstable Conference Centre is available for the use of the Autism Cinema and Dementia Cinema that run once a month. Both groups have been running for over two years and are part of ‘Community Works 4U Film Club.’ They both started from scratch but now have 30+ attendees each month. The Autism Cinema is for young adults, and enables the attendees to watch the film in a large open space without the constraints of a regular cinema. The Dementia Cinema attracts attendees from all the local care homes, and is a chance to watch an old style movie in a setting with a real sense of nostalgia.

Last summer we held a Soft Play Cinema event over six days, for the local community to come and enjoy completely free. Over 3,000 people attended, as we showed a different movie each day.

The introduction of this new projection equipment gives us amazing capacity to increase both the Autism and the Dementia Cinema projects, and in the next 12 months we will be establishing Friends of Compassion, a network of organisations and local people that will help organise and finance more local community groups, making use of the heritage cinema in the heart of Dunstable. We expect this grant to make it possible to more than double free cinema days for our local community to enjoy. If you would like to join Friends of Compassion or want to know more about this amazing community initiative, feel free to contact Michael Simms.



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