Dec 2018
Christmas is Love

  I have to admit, I love Christmas- there is so much to love about it! Christmas can mean different things to each of us; for me Christmas has very good memories. Even before I was a Christian, I knew there was something different about Christmas. There was always a warmth and gentleness about it. For others, Christmas can mean a whole lot of things: presents, cards, family time, snow, carols, church, the nativity, christmas trees, lights, Santa, holidays etc. Yet for some it can be a sad time, lonely, cold and......

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Prayer with Hope
December 09, 2018

Prayer with Hope

Do you wish your difficult or painful circumstances were different? Most, if not all of us, would say “yes” in a heartbeat! The Oxford Dictionary defines a wish as a “feeling or expression of a...

August 31, 2018

Soft Play Cinema

Soft Play Cinema – in Review We are overwhelmed by the outcomes of our Soft Play Cinema week. Three thousand people in our community received the biggest hug from our Church family that has ever...

On the Right Track
November 05, 2017

On the Right Track

November 5th 2017…. We’ve now been in our Senior Pastor role for a whole year. If we rewound and were asked to write down and imagine what the year might hold for us, we don’t...