COM Church is wholly financed by the regular and generous giving of its members and those who attend regularly. It is completely autonomous and it thrives independently from any umbrella group.

As a Church, COM Church is committed to giving in recognition of the fact that everything we have comes from God, and it is part of our worship to Him that we give back to Him a token in gratitude for our daily provision. Giving to the Church is the first way that we should give to God for work in the community (Malachi 3:10), enabling the Holy Spirit to bring hope and healing through the love of Jesus Christ.

Being committed to giving a proportion of our income to the Church is an important part of following Jesus. Did you know that Jesus spoke more about finances than any other subject? In Old Testament times, God’s people always gave the first tenth of their entire income (known as a tithe) for the Lord’s work (Leviticus 27:30). Jesus confirmed this (Matthew 23:23), so as a guide we take 10% of our income as a starting point and aim to give more when we can.

This is our starting point for giving. As a Church we have countless testimonies of how God has abundantly blessed people who give in this way. Jesus also encouraged His followers to exceed the stipulations of the religious law in every way and to give freely and generously (Matthew 5: 17-20).

The best guidelines for giving can be found in 1 Corinthians 16 vs 1-6:

•Give regularly – choose a set time interval for your giving (weekly, monthly).

•Give individually – everyone is asked to take part.

•Give systematically – let your giving be thoughtfully planned.

•Give in proportion to your income – the proportion is far more significant than the amount.

•Give to the Church – our first responsibility is to give to the local church for them to administer.


How are your gifts managed?

•COM Church has a board of Directors and Trustees who meet frequently and are responsible for the governance of the overall finances.

•COM Church is a company limited by guarantee and as such is subject to both Company and Charity law.

•Audited accounts are submitted annually to Companies House and the Charity Commission and are available for inspection on the internet.


How can I give to COM Church?

•By cash

•By cheque made payable to ‘COM Church’.

•By bankers order – this is the most helpful for budgeting purposes.

•By debit or credit card – for larger donations arrangements can be made to give in this manner.


Gift Aid: If you pay tax in the United Kingdom the Church can reclaim tax from the Inland Revenue. This is currently 25p for every 100p given; this will cost you nothing but is of enormous benefit to the Church. This is achieved by the completion of a simple one-off form that can be found on the Church’s offering envelopes.