We’d love to have you join us at Com Church this weekend.

Go to our “what’s on” page for the date of our next Newcomers’ Meal!

On these pages you’ll find information about our services; what’s on for children and students; directions right to the door; what to expect when you get here; details of special events; our monthly newsletter; the Com Church story; and much more.

You will find more about the regular ministry, music, praise and worship, the discipleship, outreach, care and mentoring programmes of Com Church.

You’ll also find regular events for kids and teens, with personal introductions from the Pastors and leaders responsible for each group. Enjoy browsing, but more than that, we’d love to welcome you personally and make your visit an enjoyable and memorable occasion.

We have opportunities for each member of your household to enjoy themselves as they encounter God through the Bible and through other people just like you. Special Note… You’re important to God and you matter to us! We hope this helps you get a first look at Com Church but we realise this is only a website. By far the best way to find out all that’s here for you and your family is to visit us this Sunday.


Newcomer FAQs

What should I expect when I visit?

How do I get there?

What should I wear?

What happens in a Church like COMCHURCH?

Where can I park my car?

To answer your questions, here’s a look at what people like you have said after visiting Com Church for their first time.

“I was surprised how friendly everyone was, I immediately felt at home.” – Overseas visitor (Steve Perkins from USA)

We aim to make sure the first face you see at Com Church has a smile on it. When you arrive, whatever you need, from Crèche to Junior Church, our welcome team will be nearby to help.

“We found the message was so right for us. The vibrant music and worship were so uplifting… We’re so glad we were directed to DCC.” – Fred & Nancy Akandi

We’re sure you’ll enjoy the music and worship, no matter what age you are, and the practical messages will help you cope with real-life situations. As you join with us, we want to help you find the personal help for today and hope for tomorrow that only God can give us through His Son, Jesus Christ.

“I can wear what I find comfortable and not feel out of place.” – Emma Leopold

Our concern is to meet your real-life needs rather than worry about what you wear. So, casual dress is going to help you fit in with most others here.

“My children love the kids’ meetings, and both my husband and myself are impressed with the programme content for them and with the level of security in place for the children.” – Wendy Marr

In this day and age we recognise the need for you to be sure that your children are at all times in a SAFE ENVIRONMENT. While catering for your peace of mind, we know your kids also want to enjoy a FUN PLACE. We have invested a great deal to ensure these two requirements are met. Com Church has its own approved ‘Child Protection Policy’ which has been approved by the recognised official body the CCPAS. Under that policy, each leader and volunteer is investigated and cleared through the Police ‘CRB’ checking scheme. Your children will also love the content and variation of the programmes for each age group.

“We were surprised when they suggested that as first time visitors, we need not participate in the offering but just relax and enjoy the service.” – Wesley & Michele McCalla

We believe the offering is for those who are a regular part of the Com Church family. We’d far rather that you get something from your first visit than us asking you to give something.

“It was great to find that I could park so close.” – Andrew Macdonald

At COMCHURCH there is ample parking both in the public car park [no charge on Sundays or evenings] and the COMCHURCH parking facility routed off the public car park. In the event of special needs due to disability etc, please let a host know and we will make other arrangements for you. Alternatively please feel free to phone the Church office and leave details so that we can arrange to serve you.