The COM Church Story

In 1984, Doug and Helena Richards, together with their son Julian, accepted the challenge that God had placed before them with a vision of a new, dynamic and vibrant Church that would not only affect Dunstable but ultimately South Bedfordshire and beyond.

The first meeting was held in the lounge of their Britain Street home in November 1984 and was attended by eight people. By Christmas ‘84 the group had outgrown the home, and a regular booking was made at the Queensway Hall’s Vernon Suite (now Asda).

Forty two people attended that first Christmas Service, and by mid January, the Sunday evening services were also being held in the Queensway Hall. From the beginning of 1985, a Junior Church and regular Crèche were also being held, and a Children’s Group and Youth Group were founded.

After almost three years, Dunstable Community Church moved from the Queensway Hall and spent some years meeting at Queensbury School. DCC then purchased the property on High Street North in December 1998 and after a marathon six months of sacrificial work by all the members, the DCC Centre was opened.

Ten years later almost to the day, DCC members started refurbishment of their new High Street Centre, the former Union Cinema and most recently Cubes nightclub. With an 1100-seater auditorium, the property is an imposing, prominent building which has been restored to its former glory.

Today, the original vision of a dynamic, vibrant Church that would affect our Community is no less real and is on the hearts of all DCC members. We endeavour to make DCC a place where everyone who enters will find love, acceptance, help, forgiveness and encouragement to embrace their future with hope of a new life that is centred in the Lord Jesus Christ and so become the person God intended them to be. Dunstable Community Church is an Elim Church Incorporated.

On Sunday 10th November 2013, Dunstable Community Church moved into its 30th year with the name change COM Church and a strategy to reach our COMmunity like never before…